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The Krewe of Queenateenas - New Orleans

King Cake Queen III. - "Smurf" Murphy and New Orleans City Councilman, District C - Troy Carter

'96 King Cake Queen Bash Rakes in $7,000 for the Rainbow Crusade

The Krewe of Queenateenas annual pre carnival bash celebrating the coronation of its King Cake Queen was hosted this year as a benefit for the Rainbow Crusade: the Lesbian & Gay Community Center of New Orleans Building Fund. King Cake Queen III Smurf Murphy dedicated this evening to the Crusade raising $7,000 from the 130 party revelers.

The elegant affair was hosted at the AMBUSH complex, 828 Bourbon Street. The complex boasts AMBUSH offices on the first floor, Belle Lain's Magnolia Bar on the patio in a slave quarter unit, and the palatial second floor home of Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain.The Naquin-Delain's are Co-Captains of the Queenateenas and head the AMBUSH empire which consists of AMBUSH Mag 2000 and AMBUSH Online [it's 3 interactive sites on the Net with over 375,000 viewers in just 97 days visiting, and].

Party guests were greeted at the door by tuxedo clad host Rip Naquin-Delain handing out hot metallic pink Carnival beads to each arriving reveler. Guests then proceeded into the AMBUSH office where hostess Marsha Naquin-Delain, in a dazzling emerald green gown, greeted each, introducing all to King Cake Queen III Smurf Murphy, who was sensational in a brilliant rainbow enhanced creation complete with this years crown and septer.

From there, revelers proceeded to the Magnolia Bar which the Naquin-Delain's created just last year as a convenience for the many parties the couple hosts. Much of the artwork collected by the couple is displayed in the bar, the offices and throughout their private residence.

The AMBUSH Collection, as those in the know call it, has grown substantially this past year since the Naquin-Delain's have begun purchasing at least one piece from each monthly art opening at the Lesbian & Gay Community Center.

After leaving the bar, revelers headed upstairs to the private residence of the couple. There they feasted on shrimp, artichoke & tortellini pasta salad served in huge crystal bowls, along with duck pate, hunters terrine, marinated vegetables, fresh fruit, international cheeses, and of course, King Cake stuffed with either cream cheese or blueberry filling.

Downstairs in the offices guests were treated to both black flying fish and spicy wasabi caviar.

The Naquin-Delain's would like to thank all who made the fund-raising efforts of the evening so fruitfull...

For donations of $1,000 [Gold Crusade Level] - AMBUSH Mag 2000, Robert Udick, PH.D;

For donations of $500 [Silver Crusade Level]- French Quarter Reservation Service, Inc., Chris Daigle /Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Life at Tulane, William H. Rose, B.C.S.W., Third Thursday Group;

For donations of $250 - Charles J. Napoli/Cafe Sbisa;

For donations of $150 - Rue Royal Inn;

For donations of $100 - Bourbon Pub/Parade Disco, Martha M. Dunn, Gulf Area Gender Alliance, Darleen M. Jacobs-Levy, Le Femme Productions, Billy D. Lester & Edward W. Domingue, Petunias New Orleans, Phoenix, L. David Wagner;

For donations of $50 - Stewart Butler & Alfred Doolittle, Benjamin Jon Conway, III, Thom A. Crandall, Maurice Geisel, Jr., Fred Held, Joan L. Ladnier, Mary Bess Matthews, King Cake Queen III Smurf Murphy, Rev. William P. Richardson, Jr., St. Joseph's Church, Robert and Janet Valkavich;

For donations of $30 - Hibiscus Bookstore, Mickey Gil & George Patterson, Mary Lind;

For donations of $25 - Paul G. Bordelon & Tony Quintiliano, Faubourg Marigny Bookstore, Steven B. Hurley, Alex Jacobs, Renee H.G. Parks and Lidia Pollard, Janet S. Vick;

For donations of $20 - Jessie T. Boleware, Darryl E. Lightsey, Dr. Marquita Irland, Glenn O'Berry & Roger Brooks, Sandra S. Pailet, John Parry & Bobby Ramone, Michael Sullivan, 3 anonymous;

For donations of $15 - Donald A. Groene, George C. Lancaster, Doug "Beefy" Romback, Brian M. Sands, Anthony Scalise;

For donations of $12 - $10 - $5 - Peter J. Drago, Rev. Dexter Brecht, John H. Foster, Jack Gentry & Paul Orfila, King Cake Queen II Jay A. Loomis, Philip Deano Marino, Michael Hickerson & David Munroe, Brad Robbert, Jerry Scavo & Kenny Walker, and Leonard E. Johnson.

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