Krewe of Queenateenas present

Ferrets, Fantasies & Fairytales
led by
The Fantasy Queen
Princesse Stephaney
King Cake Queen XIV
of Gay Mardi Gras 2007
(Photo by Larry Graham of GrahamStudioOne.COM)

  • 20th Annual Official Gay Mardi Gras Bead Toss
    Mardi Gras, Feb. 20th 2pm
    from World Famous
    Ambush Headquarters Balcony, 828 Bourbon St., New Orleans


  • KCQ 2007

    and saluting
    The King Cake Queen Royalty Club
    KCQ II & KCQ Emeritus:
    Jewel of the Nile,
    Jay A. Loomis/1995
    KCQ III: The Rainbow Queen,
    the late Smurf Murphy/1996
    KCQ IV: Pearl of the Sea,
    Reba Douglas/1997
    KCQ V: The She Devil,
    Elizabeth Simms/1998
    KCQ VI: The Czarina,
    the late Christine Cheridon/1999
    KCQ VII: Sex Goddess,
    Stephanie Williams/2000
    KCQ VIII: The Peacock Queen,
    Phyllis Denmark/2001
    KCQ IX: The Freedom Queen,
    Lisa Beaumann/2002
    KCQ X: The Voodoo Queen,
    Teryl-Lynn Foxx/2003
    KCQ XII: The Amazon Queen,
    Savanna DeLorean/2005
    KCQ XIII: The Diamond Queen,
    Raven Kennedy/2006

  • Snap Paparazzi
    Pics: The Fantasy Queen Coronation, See page 16

    Celebrazzi: King Cake Queen Royalty Club Toasts KCQ XIV Princesse Stephaney, See page 18

  • Congratulations
    Princesse Stephaney, KCQ XIV See page 1

  • Celebrazzi
    KCQ XIV Announcement, See page 15

  • Snap Paparazzi
    Ambush Holiday Party, See page 18

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